“AFRICATOWN JOE” Womack (the beginning)

“AFRICATOWN JOE” Womack (the beginning


Nick Tabor
Please open the document at the bottom of the page to read a short account of how Major Joe Womack began his Africatown community involvement. The first 10 pages of the book is about Africatown
“First they will come for your arm and you give them your thumb, hoping that will be enough. One year later they return and you give them the entire hand. The next year they come back again and this time you give them your elbow. They keep coming and coming until they have everything you have to give. Timothy Meaher allowed the last shipment of slaves to America to purchase their own land after slavery ended, however, his descendants and others have been trying to run them off the property they purchased by any means necessary”.
Henry C. Williams
“The Godfather of Africatown” from about 1955 – 2005

” My life’s work has prepared me for my involvement in the Africatown community”

20 years Marine Corps Officer, 15 years DuPont Chemical Plant Finance Officer, 10 years in The Trucking Business.

Major Joe Womack USMCR(ret)
Founder/President of africatown-chess.org
Co-Founder of africatownhpf.org

Here’s a link where people can buy the book. I would also share the book’s website with people so that they can learn more about the book and the people in it.

World We Need chapter

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