About Us

Africatown C.H.E.S.S. exists to ensure that the Africatown community, in Mobile, Alabama is
Clean, Healthy, Educated, Safe, & Sustainable.

Through our partnership with the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice (DSCEJ), the HBCU-CBO Gulf Coast Equity Consortium, and the Kellogg Foundation, we will implement strategies and the best practices to improve the quality of life in our regions most underserved areas.

Our aim is re-establish the unity in a neighborhood that once thrived as the example of the most loving and family oriented atmosphere in the Deep South.

Through projects geared towards beautifying our streets and homes, producing quality produce and living standards, preserving the first public school for African-Americans in the state of Alabama, creating a community of watchmen, and retaining the culture and heritage of a nearly forgotten people – Africatown~C.H.E.S.S. will be the leading example of difference makers in the historic Africatown area.