AFRICATOWN Native receives Doctorate, Meets Olympic Legend and pitches Africatown Investment to Fortune 500 Companies

AFRICATOWN Native receives Doctorate, Meets Olympic Legend and pitches Africatown Investment to Fortune 500 Companies

WOW! What a week Africatown Native retired Marine Major (now DOCTOR MAJOR) Joe Womack Jr. experienced from May 20 thru May 27, 2023.

-Honorary Doctor Degree from Oberlin College. Check it out: Speakers and Award Recipients | Oberlin College and Conservatory

On Saturday May 20th, Dr. Major Joe Womack Jr. and his family flew to Cleveland, Ohio where they were met by a limo and driven to Oberlin College in Oberlin Ohio. On Sunday they were invited to Oberlin College President, Carmen Ambar’s house for a Dignitary Reception and Dinner for award recipients. Included in that list of Dignitaries attending that Reception and Dinner was Tommie Smith, an Olympic Gold Medal winner from the 1968 Olympics held in Mexico City, Mexico. On Monday, May 22, 2023, the 190th version of The Oberlin College & Conservatory Commencement Exercise was conducted. The weather was beautiful as 600 students received their College Degree in the Downtown Square of the city of Oberlin, Ohio. Among the Honorary Doctorate Degree recipients were Dr. Tommie Smith and Dr. Major Joe Womack Jr. Both Dr. Smith and Dr. Major Womack received standing ovations for their community service.

-Meeting with Olympic Legend Tommie Smith
1968 Olympic gold medalist Tommie Smith holds a historic place in African American history: He is the only man in track and field history to hold 11 world records at the same time. During the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, Smith won the 200 meter sprint finals with a time of 19.83 seconds, breaking world and Olympic records. As The Star-Spangled Banner played at the awards ceremony, Smith and his bronze medalist teammate, John Carlos, each raised a black gloved fist for social, economic and racial justice in America. Oberlin College has a rich and strong history of standing up for social, racial and political change. From the slavery era when Oberlin College was the first major college or university to admit black women full time in America to current times when Oberlin students participated in the George Floyd protests, Oberlin College has always believed in a just and equal system for all. We both agreed that after a person makes a stand in life for what they believe in, they should have a strong belief that God will make everything work for them in the end.

– CECP Summit in Boston




From Ohio, Dr. Major Joe Womack flew to Boston, Ma. where he, Africatown Clotilda descendant Rose Robbins and Delvon Worthy with the Participants Productions Company were participants in the annual CECP summit held this year in Boston. CECP stands for Chief Executives for Corporate Purposes. The “community giving division” of about 50 Fortune 500 companies meet annually to exchange ideas on what they can do to make a positive impact on the world through corporate giving and community involvement. As part of their overall agenda, we were invited to their workshops, dinners, receptions and other social events. In addition, we were on the agenda to talk about Africatown and our plans for the future of our historic community. We were given the opportunity to pitch Africatown as an investment to the companies that attended the summit. We came away with lots of corporate contacts.

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